Guido Werner

Robert Koch Institute
Wernigerode Germany

Biographical Sketch:
Guido Werner works as a Medical Microbiologist in the Department of Infectious Diseases, Robert Koch-Institute, Wernigerode Branch, Germany. He is Head of the Division ‘Nosocomial Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistances’ and of the National Reference for Staphylococci and Enterococci. He is also Professor for Medical Microbiology and gives lectures on this subject at the Georg-August-University Goettingen and the Technical University Brunswick. His main research interests are in methods of rapid and molecular diagnostics, molecular strain characterization/typing including NGS of bacterial pathogens and all biological and epidemiological aspects of antimicrobial resistance with the special focus in health-care associated pathogens. He has worked for 18 months as a national expert at the European Commission, General Directorate ‘Health and Consumer Protection’ in the Unit ‘Health threats’ (DG SANCO C3) and is the nominated ‘National Microbiology Focal Point’ of a microbiological working group at the European CDC, Stockholm, Sweden. He is an active member of several national and international medical societies such as Scientific officer for Public Health of the ESCMID study group on microbial markers ESGEM. He has gained more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and written several reviews, opinion papers and book chapters.

Implementing WGS-Based Strain Characterization into Pathogen Surveillance: Introducing the Strategy of the Robert Koch Institute