S38 Validation of Sanitation Expectations and Approaches

Wednesday, July 31, 2013: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
217A (Charlotte Convention Center)
Primary Contact: Yale Lary Jr.
Organizers: Frederick Cook and Yale Lary Jr.
Convenors: Frederick Cook and Yale Lary Jr.
Sanitation is an essential component of food safety systems at food manufacturing facilities. Both wet and dry sanitation procedures are preventive controls to reduce the likelihood of microbiological or allergen contamination from equipment or facilities that could cause a food safety hazard. Validation of sanitation is important to assure procedures are effective for preventing contamination hazards. Sampling program and the methods used to test the surfaces are also important considerations. This symposium includes information on hazard thresholds and expectations for validation of procedures to control both microorganisms and allergens to assure sanitary food manufacturing equipment and facilities. Various current, and novel or proposed validation methods will be described for both wet sanitation and dry sanitation.


1:30 PM
Validation of Sanitization for Microbiological Control General Approaches
Jeffrey Kornacki, Kornacki Microbiology Solutions, Inc.
2:00 PM
Validation of Sanitization for Allergen Removal General Approaches
Joseph Baumert, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2:30 PM
Specific Experiments Validating Sanitizing Methods for Conveyor Belts of Various Design
Zhinong Yan, Intralox, LLC
3:00 PM
Specific Experiences with Validating Sanitizing Methods
Mark Drake, Kraft Foods, Inc.
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