S24 Consumer Food Safety Behaviors: How to Change Them and How to Know When We've Done It

Tuesday, July 30, 2013: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Ballroom A (Charlotte Convention Center)
Primary Contact: Tori Stivers
Organizers: Judy Harrison , Amarat Simonne and Tori Stivers
Convenors: Elizabeth Andress and Doris D'Souza
Illnesses due to both emerging and familiar foodborne pathogens continue to afflict modern society. Consumers play an important role in preventing foodborne illness by recognizing and avoiding high-risk or adverse food choices and following safe handling practices. Although surveys can assess consumer awareness of food safety risks, knowledge does not necessarily translate into relevant behavior changes, and self-reported behavior may not reflect actual consumer practices. Educators, extension agents, and others who effectively relay food safety information to consumers also need to know how to formulate and deliver messages that achieve desired changes in food selection and handling. This symposium will tap the expertise of communicators, educators, and researchers in behavioral, social, and public/community health sciences, applied psychology and food marketing to: 1) give guidance on how to target audiences and craft effective education strategies, 2) describe responses consumers have to food safety messages, 3) determine behavioral changes after increasing awareness and understanding of high risk or adverse food choices, and 4) explain how to measure outcomes in terms of behavior/attitude changes.


1:30 PM
The “General Public” Does Not Exist; Segment Your Audience for Effective Communication
Karen Hilyard, University of Georgia
2:00 PM
Using Mental Models to Craft Targeted Food Safety Messages
Lydia Medeiros, The Ohio State University
2:30 PM
Best Practices for Message Design and Delivery
Linda Aldoory, University of Maryland-College Park
3:00 PM
3:30 PM
Effectively Communicating with Consumers about Food Recalls
William Hallman, Rutgers Food Policy Institute
4:00 PM
Can We Use Social Marketing to Change Consumer Food Safety Practices?
Mary Brennan, Newcastle University
4:30 PM
Evaluating Food Safety Education Efforts and Measuring Impact
David Diehl, University of Florida
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