S36 Food Safety for Large Events: Lessons Learned from the Olympics and Conventions

Wednesday, July 31, 2013: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Ballroom A (Charlotte Convention Center)
Primary Contact: Pamela Wilger
Organizers: Pamela Wilger , Benjamin Chapman and Stephen Tracey
Convenors: Pamela Wilger and Ruth Petran
Managing food safety and defense for large events such as international sporting competitions and political conventions provides challenges for organizers, vendors, suppliers and regulatory agencies that oversee them. Large events are seen as economic drivers to communities and local food businesses often wish to promote their wares to a wider audience. The high-profile nature of these events draw extra attention from spectators and the media and increase the chance of intentional contamination incidents. The vast number of food handlers are volunteers with no formal training which also increases complexity for food safety risk-reduction as individuals are not well versed in prerequisite programs and HACCP-based principles. The aim of this symposium is to expose attendees to the complexities surrounding sourcing, preparing and inspecting food handling during these events. Individuals who were instrumental in organizing and participating in large events will talk about risks, how they were managed and lessons learned from their experiences. Presenters will provide case studies of the Democratic National Convention and recent Olympic games as models.


1:30 PM
Evaluating Vendors through Microbiological Sampling and Coordinating Inspections during the 2012 DNC
Donna Wanucha, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
2:00 PM
Food Defense at High-profile Events
Julie Casani, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
2:30 PM
Managing Food Safety at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Domenic Losito, Retired from Vancouver Coastal Health
3:00 PM
Managing Multiple Vendors and Volunteer Food Handlers at Large Events
Larry Michael, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
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