S30 Chasing “Zero”: How Likely to Reach Success?

Monday, July 27, 2015: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Oregon Ballroom 201 (Oregon Convention Center)
Primary Contact: Keith Lampel
Organizers: Keith Lampel , Pamela Wilger and George Wilson
Convenor: Pamela Wilger
Providing foods that are free from chemicals, microbial pathogens and any other material that could be hazardous or deleterious to public health is an underlying basic for all parties involved with food safety. As we do not live in a perfect world, what are the issues and what will it take to achieve that “perfect world” of foods free from any risk of contamination. The food industry has a major stake in taking “reasonable” efforts to ensure a safe food supply. But they do not act alone as governments tend to act as an oversight function, in cooperation with food producers, and the public also plays an active role beyond just being consumers. In this symposium, we provide a forum in which an overview of risk is discusses then followed by industry, public and government perspectives on the current state of affairs and with that magic wand, what the future could bring.


2:10 PM
Produce Commodities as a Paradigm
David Gombas, United Fresh Produce Association
2:30 PM
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