Membership Committee Meeting

Saturday, July 30, 2016: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM
251 (America's Center - St. Louis)
1.            Introduction and welcome new Membership committee members

2.            Discussion of last year’s meeting suggestions and the IAFP response

1. Request to have IAFP members (including students, industry, government, and industry         members) submit short one-minute video testimonials. The clips would be screened for appropriateness and could be posted on the IAFP website and used in IAFP presentations.

Board Response: IAFP staff will look into having a video booth for IAFP 2016.

2. Permission to investigate the development of a virtual affiliate to engage members and attract new members from remote areas.

Board Response: Webinars and Internet communications can help remote members to feel a part of IAFP.

3. Region specific symposia should be considered, as a way to increase interest from non US members.

Board Response: Regional specific symposia are a part of the current Annual Meeting program.

3.            Increasing membership numbers

A.            Conduct a survey of past members to determine why they left and what can be done to get them back. Current members should be surveyed to find out webinar topics they would be interested in.

B.            Set up a Food Safety Consultant booth for companies to come speak to consultants and academia about questions, concerns, potential collaborations.

C.            Increased and more effective advertisement of IAFP, and what it offers.

D.            Active, ongoing recruitment of new members – development of a coordinated approach

E.            Consider working with a membership consultant.

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