Food Chemical Hazards and Food Allergy PDG Meeting

Sunday, July 31, 2016: 3:15 PM-5:15 PM
241-242 (America's Center - St. Louis)
Welcome and Introductions Tony Flood, Chair; Paul Hanlon, Vice Chair

Reading of the Antitrust Guidelines Tony Flood

Appreciation for Past Chairs and Vice Chairs Tony Flood

Reading of 2015 PDG minutes and motion to accept Tony Flood

Board Liaison introduction; Feedback on PDG recommendations Tim Jackson

Insights from Committee / PDG Chairs, Vice Chairs Meeti

Review of approved 2016 PDG sessions

Open Discussion

Topics / Ideas for 2017 IAFP Sessions

(2 – 3 minutes for each proposed session organizers / convenors to present)

Proposed Webinar Series for PDG members to remain connected

Exploring the Advancement of Expertise within the PDG 

Other Issues / New Resources available to PDG and IAFP members 

Final Thoughts / Adjourn

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