P3-70 Development of a New Device for the Rapid Detection of Alicyclobacillus

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Exhibit Hall (Charlotte Convention Center)
Susan McDougal, Neogen Corporation, Lansing, MI
Carolyn Montei, Neogen Corporation, Lansing, MI
Ronald Sarver, Neogen Corporation, Lansing, MI
Mark Mozola, Neogen Corporation, Lansing, MI
Jennifer Rice, Neogen Corporation, Lansing, MI
Introduction: A new Soleris® vial was developed to rapidly detect Alicyclobacillus contamination in beverages and raw materials.  The vial, based on detection of carbon dioxide produced from the metabolism of the organisms, consists of a detection chamber containing carbon dioxide indicators separated by a barrier layer from a chamber containing a growth medium and test sample.  The majority of spoilage Alicyclobacillus microorganisms can be detected within 48 hours.  The vial is used in conjunction with the test instrument system.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to develop and assess the performance of a device for the rapid detection of spoilage Alicyclobacillusmicroorganisms in the juice and beverage industries.

Methods: Experiments were performed to select the optimal growth medium and indicator chemistries for the most rapid detection of Alicyclobacillus microorganisms.  Inclusivity studies used a panel of the target organisms at levels of <100 CFU/ml.  The detection time in the test instrument and growth of low inoculum levels of organisms in food matrices were examined.  A confirmatory test for guaiacol producing Alicyclobacillus was performed using the contents from a vial with positive growth. 

Results: The inclusivity test panel consisted of eight Alicyclobacillus organisms.  The instrument detection times were as low as 12.2 hours for 12 CFU/ml of A. acidoterrestris ATCC 49025.  In juice, the detection time was 10.9 hours for an inoculum level of 8 CFU/ml of Alicyclobacillus spore suspension in lemonade pre-incubated for 24 hours.   The majority of the other target organisms containing < 100 CFU/ml detected in < 48 hours.  The food matrices tested did not interfere with the vial test.

Significance: The new test Alicyclobacillus vial provides a system for the rapid detection of spoilage Alicyclobacillus microorganisms in many beverage products in < 48 hours compared to the standard incubation time of 5 days for agar plates.