RT7 I Got an Advanced Degree, Now What?

Monday, August 1, 2016: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
222 (America's Center - St. Louis)
Primary Contact: David Buckley
Organizers: David Buckley , Rachel McEgan , Stephanie Pollard and Lily Yang
Convenors: David Buckley , Matthew Moore , Natalie Seymour and Ellen Thomas
Panelists: Andrew Clarke , Hari Dwivedi , Clyde Manuel , John Luchansky , Charles Pettigrew and Jane van Doren
Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows oftentimes find themselves in a conundrum; on one hand, academia appears to be the next logical step based on their research and education, yet, the academic life does not always feel like a solid fit. Graduate training generally does not provide much exposure to career opportunities outside of academia. Career paths in industry and government remain vague to graduate students due to the fact that these options are not frequently discussed during graduate school and few students obtain industry experience while in graduate school. By allowing new, rising, and seasoned industry and government leaders the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, this roundtable aims to bridge the gap between academia and the food industry and shed light on how to obtain a career in these sectors. A mixed panel of industry and government leaders will provide the necessary tools and expertise to not only sustain a successful career; but, to also provide young scientists with a fresh perspective and insight on what work life in industry and government entails. Topics for discussion will include, but are not limited to; (a) finding the right company or fit; (b) transitioning from graduate school to industry or government; and (c) expectations of a new hire given one’s education and experience post-graduation (skills written on CV that can be transferred into real-life industry skills). The purpose of this roundtable is to make the food industry/government workforce more transparent and to introduce graduate students to employment opportunities in these sectors. To further sustain this communication, the Student PDG is partnering with the Developing Food Safety Professionals PDG to host subsequent webinars geared toward bridging this gap, starting from Fall 2016. These resources move us toward fostering an open line of communication between industry and aspiring scientists.
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