Food Hygiene and Sanitation PDG

Sunday, July 31, 2016: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
241-242 (America's Center - St. Louis)
Yale Lary Welcome and Antitrust Guidelines 5 minutes
Tim Jackson – IAFP Board Update 5 minutes
Attendee Introductions 30 minutes
Short Presentations
Condensation Management Film 5 minutes
Steve P. Swanson | Research Specialist 3M Corporate R & D
The Hygienic Design of Food Industry Cleaning Brushes 5 minutes Deb Smith, Global Hygiene Specialist - Vikan
NoroCORE Update 5 minutes
Lee-Ann Jaykus, Ph.D. Scientific Director, USDA-NIFA Food Virology
Collaborative (NoroCORE)-Department of Food, Bioprocessing and
Nutrition Sciences, North Carolina State University
Recommendations to the IAFP Board -Past PDG 10 minutes
Business – PDG Member Issues/Concerns
Develop Ideas and Group(s) for IAFP 2017 60 minutes
Topics and Titles submitted as of July 15, 2017
 How does GFSI audit criteria for sanitation, hygiene and environmental sampling compare to FSMA requirements?
Charles Giambrone - Global Technology and Regulatory Manager for Rochester Midland Corp.’s food safety division.
 Effective Sanitation Through Education, Not Just Training
It would be an important item to focus on, not just training at this point, but to also focus on the education part involved.
Zeb E Blanton, Jr. Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences SGS North America Inc.
 Pros and cons of facilities using Whole Genome Sequence analysis with environmental Lspp sample testing.
Yale Lary – Sysco Foods
 Title: "Strategies for Effective Hygienic Zoning". The benefits of hygienic zone separation are well known, but many companies have not yet fully implemented it. Hygienic zoning strategies will vary depending on how product is manufactured and how the facility is set up. I propose inviting speakers from several companies with different strategies to explain how their hygienic zones are set up, and how the barriers between these zones (physical and procedural) have been implemented to reduce likelihood of environmental contamination. o Frederick K. Cook, Ph.D. Post Consumer Brands Technical Center
 The idea about food zones also could apply to restaurants. Scheduling, equipment, mitigating steps to reduce cross contamination.
o Peter W Hibbard, RESHS/RS, Food Safety & Quality Assurance -HCS LLC
 Title: Sanitation Beyond Food Safety into Operational Excellence
This six speaker symposia will discuss the components of an effective cleaning program tools, chemicals, sanitary design, written procedures, master sanitation schedules, sanitary transport for operational excellence. It will discuss how the data from validated clean can them be used to quantify business based improvements for operational excellence.
Vanessa Cranford, MS - Denny's Inc.
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