Microbial Modelling and Risk Analysis PDG

Sunday, July 31, 2016: 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
222 (America's Center - St. Louis)
1. Welcome

2. Introductions and circulation of rosters

a. Greetings/comments from IAFP Board and/or staff

b. Current member roster sign-in sheet

c. New member/visitor sign-in sheet

3. Adoption of the 2015 PDG meeting minutes

4. Matters arising from 2015 PDG meeting

5. THANK YOU to past-chair and confirmation of vice-chair

6. Guest speaker: Matthias Filter – BfR

Update from RA Software/Data Exchange Workgroup – Available Resources and

Current Developments

7. Updates from SRA MRA specialty group, ICPMF committee, and RA software/date

exchange workgroup

8. IAFP 2017 Symposia – proposals due by October 4, 2016

 Re-cap symposia and workshop 2016 proposed by members/sponsored by MMRA PDG

 Thoughts from 2016 proposal leads

 Discussion on ideas for 2017: considering cutting-edge information not previously

presented; international perspectives on various issues

o Formats: round-tables, technical symposia, pre-meeting interactive workshops

9. Webinars and other communications

a. Potential webinar topics 2016-2017 / Volunteers

b. Development of booklets, drafting of white papers, other ideas

10. IAFP 2016 and other meetings of interest

a. IAFP 2016 selected symposia and technical sessions of note

b. Other upcoming meetings/events of interest (ICPMF10, SRA 2016, Food Micro 2018)

11. Any other business

12. Recommendations for the IAFP Executive Board

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