Advanced Molecular Analytics PDG

Sunday, July 31, 2016: 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
227 (America's Center - St. Louis)
1. Orders of business (9 – 915 am)

 Call to order and welcome – Greg Siragusa - Chair, Palmer Orlandi - Vice Chair

 Volunteer to take minutes?

 Members sign in. Non-PDG members or newbies register or sign in

 Symposia etc. PROPOSALS DUE October 4, 2016 (see below No. 4)

 Update your PDG affiliations. Log into the IAFP Web site; click Edit Profile on the Member Dashboard, then

the Professional Info tab. They can then select any PDG to add or delete.

 Symposia of interest at this meeting See below (bolded = from our PDG)

2. Nomenclature Primer for Microbiomes: Dr. Ed Dudley (915-930)

3. State-of- the-Science (930-1030am)

 Henk Den-Bakker, Texas Tech Univ.; WGS New Developments Data Analysis/Seq Platforms

 Maria Hoffman, FDA; Recent breakthroughs in WGS

 Ruth Timme, FDA; GenomeTrkr

 Jesse Miller, NSF International, Ann Arbor, MI; Aptamers

 Representative from IBM; TBD; Sequencing the Food Supply Consortium

 Nur Hassan; CosmosID; WGS Data Pipelines

 Palmer Orlandi, FDA: FDA Perspectives on Regulatory Aspects Genomic Applications

 Ruth Eden; Join

 Students in attendance; Self-introductions/title of research thesis; looking for position

 Peter Cook; Grad Student, Texas Tech, Nightingale lab

 Other

4. Discussion: Ideas and New Business (1030-11am)

 Symposia, Roundtable, Workshop Ideas for Proposals for IAFP 2017

 Questions and items to discuss from the membership

 White paper or handout

 Webinar

 ???

5. Adjourn (11 am)

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