RT2 Hear All About It:  Managing a Crisis

Monday, July 10, 2017: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Room 18-19 (Tampa Convention Center)
Primary Contact: Meghan Cox
Organizers: Meghan Cox , Faye Feldstein , David Luedeke and William Weichelt
Convenors: Denise Pacofsky and Craig Henry
Panelists: Hal King , Ann Marie McNamara , Theodora Morille-Hinds , Ryan Newkirk , Jennifer Pierquet and Michael Roberson
In recent years corporate crises have overwhelmed the headlines.  Food manufacturers, grocery retailers, and restaurants have been impacted by supply chain disruptions, natural and man-made disasters, such as terrorism, operational malfunctions, and economically-motivated adulteration, leading to numerous food recalls and foodborne illnesses, as well as companies shutting down operations, either temporarily or permanently. 

Understanding what can be done to prepare for, respond to, limit the impact of, and recover from a crisis is a necessity to protect consumer health and a company’s brand and reputation.  The panel will discuss:

  • Techniques and tools to help prepare for and respond to a crisis
  • Critical elements of a crisis management plan, including communication strategies
  • Regulations affecting the industry and how companies are pivoting their strategies to react
  • The importance of working with local and federal agencies during a crisis
  • How companies can recover from a crisis and remain open to serve the public in the midst of a crisis
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