T5 Technical Session 5 Modeling and Risk Assessment

Monday, August 1, 2016: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
241 (America's Center - St. Louis)
Convenors: Vijay Juneja and Steven Duret


1:30 PM
BASELINE Software Tool for Calculation of Microbiological Criteria and Risk Management Metrics for Selected Foods and Hazards
Antonio Valero, University of Cordoba; Fernando Perez-Rodriguez, University of Cordoba; Elena Carrasco, University of Cordoba; Guiomar Denisse Posada, University of Cordoba; Rosa Maria Garcia-Gimeno, University of Cordoba
1:45 PM
Estimating Exposure in Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Models Using Dietary Recall Data
Barbara Kowalcyk, RTI International; Anna M. Aceituno, RTI International; Samantha Sifleet, RTI International; Ellen Bishop, RTI International; Tamar Lasky, MIE Resources; Katherine Woodward, RTI International
2:00 PM
Comparison of Grouped Exposures for Estimation of Source Attribution of Salmonella Serotype Enteritidis Illness, Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network
Weidong Gu, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-NCEZID-DFWED-EDEB; Ellyn Marder, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-NCEZID-DFWED-EDEB; Shacara Johnson, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-NCEZID-DFWED-EDEB; R. Michael Hoekstra, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-NCEZID-DFWED-EDEB
2:15 PM
Using Genome-scale Metabolic Modeling to Compare Strains of the Foodborne Pathogen Listeria monocytogenes
Zachary Metz, University of Minnesota; David Baumler, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
2:30 PM
The Importance of Data in Salmonella Risk Mitigation: Development of a Cloud-based Technical Platform for Food Safety Management in Poultry Production
Bob O'Connor, Foster Farms; Andrew Dempsey, Metabiota; Tim Buisker, Metabiota; Casey Fripp, Foster Farms; Judy Lee, Foster Farms; Stephanie Jefferson, Foster Farms; Charles Corsiglia, Foster Farms; Craig Kiebler, Metabiota
2:45 PM
Meta-analysis on the Effect of Interventions Used in Cattle Processing Plants to Reduce Escherichia coli Contamination
Samson Zhilyaev, Virginia Tech; Vasco Cadavez, CIMO Mountain Research Centre, School of Agriculture (ESA), Polytechnic Institute of Braganza (IPB); Ursula Gonzales-Barron, CIMO Mountain Research Centre, School of Agriculture (ESA), Polytechnic Institute of Braganza (IPB); Katherine Phetxumphou, Virginia Tech; Daniel Gallagher, Virginia Tech
3:00 PM
3:30 PM
Quantifying the Risk of Human Toxoplasma gondii Infection through Consumption of Domestically-produced Lamb in the United States
Miao Guo, University of Maryland; Abhinav Mishra, University of Maryland; Robert Buchanan, University of Maryland; Jitender Dubey, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Dolores Hill, U.S. Department of Agriculture; H. Ray Gamble, National Academy of Science Fellowships Office; Abani Pradhan, University of Maryland
4:15 PM
4:30 PM
Development of a System Model to Predict the Impact of Pre-harvest Contamination Sources on a Possible Leafy Greens-related E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak
Abhinav Mishra, University of Maryland; Abani Pradhan, Center for Food Safety and Security System
4:45 PM
Evaluating Intervention Strategies to Reduce the Burden of Foodborne Disease Caused by Human Norovirus: A Risk-Based Approach Using a Long-term Care Facility as Proof of Concept
Stephen Beaulieu, Neptune and Company, Inc.; Amir Mokhtari, Neptune and Company, Inc.; Maren Anderson, Neptune and Company, Inc.; Ryan Kelly, Neptune and Company, Inc.; Warren Houghteling, Neptune and Company, Inc.; Skyler Swanson, Neptune and Company, Inc.; Tom Stockton, Neptune and Company, Inc.; Lee-Ann Jaykus, North Carolina State University
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