S30 Strategic Intervention Design: A Pragmatic Approach to Validation

Monday, July 10, 2017: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Room 24-25 (Tampa Convention Center)
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Primary Contact: Pablo Alvarez
Organizer: Pablo Alvarez
Convenor: Patrice Arbault
After the recent release of FSMA final rules and industry guidance, including Preventive Controls for Human Food and Foreign Supplier Verification Program, many food producers are struggling with the challenge of implementation due to the variety and complexity of processes requiring validation. Validation can be a complex process and a number of different parameters and techniques should to be considered in order to assure that process interventions designed to control pathogenic bacteria are functioning correctly and achieving desired goals. Proper experimental design, analysis, and interpretation are required to provide data that will stand up the regulatory scrutiny and customers needs.

The utilization of surrogates to validate a food process is not a new concept; however, the choice of an optimal surrogate can only be made after taking into account the process to validate, the food matrix, and the specific pathogen of interest. The aims of this symposium are to provide a pragmatic approach to process validation, answers to common questions that food processors have, and guidance for success.


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