S41 Clean Label Technologies for Safety of Processed Meat and Poultry Products: Scientific Support of Efficacy

Tuesday, July 11, 2017: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Room 22-23 (Tampa Convention Center)
Primary Contact: Amanda King
Organizers: Amanda King , Kathleen Glass and Betsy Booren
Convenor: Amanda King
Recently, significant advancements have occurred in the area of clean label food safety technologies, including identification of ingredients not previously believed to play a role in food safety.  This symposium addresses multiple program areas, including safety and microbial quality of meat and poultry, food toxicology, and food regulations, making it of interest to attendees from large and small meat processors from within and outside the U.S., as well as food processors or retailers that utilize clean label meat and poultry products.  Research surrounding food safety technologies to enable clean labels on processed meat and poultry products has been ongoing for many years.  However, peer reviewed publications in the last two years have clearly illustrated the antimicrobial efficacies of clean label alternatives relative to traditional ingredients, such as celery powder and sodium nitrite, or cherry powder and sodium ascorbate.


10:30 AM
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