S64 Close Call: Assessing Risks of Food Packaging That Can Impact Food Safety

Wednesday, August 3, 2016: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
227 (America's Center - St. Louis)
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Primary Contact: Larry Keener
Organizers: Nicholas Forshee , Cheng-An Hwang and Larry Keener
Convenors: Cheng-An Hwang and Larry Keener
In the diverse and multi-faceted global processed food industry, packaging is the quintessential preventive control. Food packaging is designed to protect the food from physical damage during transportation. It also serves as an aegis against product contamination for the entire shelf life of the food while it is in commerce. Regulatory agencies have long recognized the important function of food packaging in preserving the public health status of the food. Clearly, this is a very complicated issue and there are myriad of challenges associated with selecting and qualifying packaging for the many varied food forms that are offered for sale in the global marketplace. Functionality of food packing is inextricably correlated with the nature of the food preservation and processing methods, the composition of the foodstuff and the food’s intended method of delivery. Further complicating the situation are the chemical and physical properties of the packaging materials. For example composite packaging may contain structural and functional polymers, colorants, as well as adhesives, ink and other chemicals used for controlling barrier and structural properties. Understanding these components and their potential implications for the food they will contain should be assessed and validated as a function of the Hazard Analysis and Preventive Control process. No matter the packaging format, be it glass bottles, metal cans, flexible pouches or foil wrappers, each has inherent risks. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and Probabilistic Exposure Modelling are effective risk assessment strategies.  Achieving science based results from the risk assessment process requires involvement of a cross functional team that might include packaging engineers, process engineers, product developers, toxicologists, regulatory specialists, physical chemists, sensory experts and food safety personnel.  This symposium will offer critical insights into the processes involved with assessing risks that may be associated with food packaging.


10:30 AM
Figuring the Bugs Out: Risk Assessment of Novel and Active (Antimicrobial) Packaging
Cheng-An Hwang, U.S. Department of Agriculture-ARS-ERRC
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